Adriana Amaral

Retrofitting and reshaping the alternative electronic scene in Porto Alegre

The aim of this presentation is to discuss how the alternative electronic scene in Porto Alegre is being reconfigured by the lack of existence of new clubs focused on the genres and how the participants are transforming the scene and smaller projects, happenings and audiovisual festivals that are related to the genres such as techno, house and synthwave. Another important thing is the nostalgia aspect of the 80s electronic music combined with new genres such as vaporwave that have a strong presence also in the visual organized by new participants in the scene.  In order to understand this new shape of the scene, media archeology combined with focus group and interviews were the methods used. This investigation is part of the PoA Music Scenes project funding by CAPES between UNISINOS/Brazil and University of Salford, UK.

Adriana Amaral is a Professor at the PostGraduate Program of Communications at Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, in the south of Brazil. She´s also a researcher from CNPq (Brazilian Funding Agency of Technology) and the coordinator of the Porto Alegre Music Scenes (a project funded by CAPES). Adriana is also a fan of electronic and industrial music and used to DJing EBM.