Jeder Janotti Junior

Sepultura: The (Re)invention of the brazilianness and the local heavy metal scenes 

This presentation intends to rethink how the idea of brazilianness and the brazilian metal scene was rebuilt by the work of Sepultura after its recognition outside of Brazil as one of the great bands in history of heavy metal . In this way, we propose to look at scenes as a geo-spatial concept in order to understand the complexities of different kinds of transit between the global and local through musical assemblages.

Jeder Janotti Junior is Professor at the Federal University of Pernamuco -UFPE (Recife –Brazil), head of Laboratory of Musical and Audiovisual Analysis(L.A.M.A) at Graduate Program in Communication  (UFPE), he is author of Rock me Like the Devil: a assinatura das cenas e das identidates metálicas, Heavy Metal com Dendê and Aumenta Que Isso Aí é Rock and Roll.a